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Yesterday’s breaking news (in tweets) from COP21

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$500m pledge at COP 21: A return to global carbon trading

We’re not ones to say “We told you so…” at 350, but we’re delighted to hear that the COP 21 Climate Change summit has already established that carbon trading from emissions reductions is firmly back at the heart of the global climate change agenda. Regular readers of this blog will know that re-energising the carbon market is the most practical

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Renewable Projects: Round-up & 2016 Preview

“With so many renewable projects out there, you’ve got to apply some pretty strict criteria to separate out the best opportunities from the riskier ones. That’s our challenge…” This week I managed to pin down our busy Business Development Director, Bill Goldie to get a run down of the 350 projects we’re engaged with. In between trips to China, India

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The UK Green Revolution is now over?

Thank heavens. The UK renewable boom was started by the pied piper of misguided climate economics (former energy secretary Ed Miliband) and it’s now collapsed under its own weight. To misquote Winston Churchill, never in the field of reducing CO2 emissions has so much been wasted by so few. That’s not to say the UK renewable sector hasn’t had a

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You think African renewable energy needs solar? Think again.

Last week the 350 team were meeting government officials in Malawi and Zambia, and during the journey we saw just how important geographical concerns are for renewable development. In particular, as we explored the issues facing African renewable energy we confirmed a key element of our strategy to match the right renewable technology to the local ecosystem, economic needs and

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COP21: Are carbon prices finally getting a boost?

Here’s an interesting thought.  As the global stock markets are sliding back in the wake of concerns over China’s stock market woes, investors are looking to diversify their holdings and hedge a bit with different kinds of asset. Which is predictable.  At times like this, investors look for the chance to buy cheap, weather the volatility and enjoy a bit

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Why is climate change policy a leaky mess?

I’ve just read a carbon abatement report for a natural gas pipeline that runs across hundreds of miles of continental Eastern Europe.  It’s leaking 2.4 millions of tons of methane (CH4) into the atmosphere every year.  The equivalent of about 60 million tons of CO2 (going by the standard equivalency measure).  And that’s just from one facility in one country.

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CMA energy market investigation: The UK needs a carbon tax?

On the surface, the latest CMA energy market investigation (Competition and Markets Authority) report appears to be criticising the big six consumer energy suppliers (CMA reports). Consumers have footed a bill between 2009-2013 (the report focus) that’s £1.2bn per year more than they should have paid in a competitive marketplace, the CMA concluded. It has led to rumours of a

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Declining renewable power subsidies vs. smart grids

Last week the wind industry was shocked (but not exactly surprised) by the government’s announcement it would be ending subsidies for onshore wind projects a year earlier than previously promised. It’s a move that potentially threatens thousands of new jobs and places millions of pounds of investment at risk. But what we learn from declining renewable power subsidies is their

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350 Signs New Peruvian Solar Development Partnership

After a successful trip to Lima earlier this year, we’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with a large Peruvian engineering firm ($100m turnover) to begin operations within Peru’s nascent solar energy industry. Our role is to take the backing of our partner’s enterprise-scale industrial build capacity and establish a local solar development company focused on small-scale solar parks facilitating rural

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