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Structuring renewable energy projects: local development

There’s an inherent commercial tension within the way companies approach structuring renewable energy projects. In any new area, there’s naturally an element of trial and error that’s characterised renewables for both technology providers, developers and investors (as technologies evolve, as legislative frameworks and policy develops and so on). It comes with the territory in emerging industries. However something that’s often

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You think African renewable energy needs solar? Think again.

Last week the 350 team were meeting government officials in Malawi and Zambia, and during the journey we saw just how important geographical concerns are for renewable development. In particular, as we explored the issues facing African renewable energy we confirmed a key element of our strategy to match the right renewable technology to the local ecosystem, economic needs and

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Final pre-flight checks before we begin Atacama development

We’re delighted to announce we’re making the last few preparations to launch our first Deal Stream 2 project, planned to break ground mid-2016 in Chile’s South Atacama desert. The project is for a sub-50MW solar energy facility that meets all the requirements for delivering a high quality, profitable solar park with excellent long term revenue potential. The key to building

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Introducing our new South America team leaders

Solar 350 is pleased to welcome onboard two very experienced project procurement experts to lead our South American business development programme. Axel Schmid will be heading-up our growing deal stream in South America, assisted by Jennifer Rivera Opazo. Together they bring with them the expert local business knowledge and contacts that are essential for operating projects like ours. Our team

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350 Signs New Peruvian Solar Development Partnership

After a successful trip to Lima earlier this year, we’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with a large Peruvian engineering firm ($100m turnover) to begin operations within Peru’s nascent solar energy industry. Our role is to take the backing of our partner’s enterprise-scale industrial build capacity and establish a local solar development company focused on small-scale solar parks facilitating rural

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Building renewable energy in Colombia and Panama

Good news from Solar 350 this week as NASDAQ listed Chinese renewables investors gave the “green light” for two of our 100MW solar development projects in the S. Atacama desert, Chile. (You can learn more about this project in detail in our EIS Investors section here). Never satisfied, Solar 350’s MD Nick Dimmock set off on a mini trade mission

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The rise of renewable energy in Chile

Earlier this month Enel Green Energy brought 100MW of solar panels online in the South Atacama Desert in Chile. The South Atacama is also where our Solar Development company Solar 350 is about to start building our own solar parks, and where our carbon accreditation company Carbon 350 sees huge potential for emissions offsets. It is a unique location to

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