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Solar 350 was originally formed by Nicholas Dimmock and Non-Executive Directors John Nicol (Entrepreneur) and Tessa Laws (Lawyer). Grue og Hornstrup A/s a AA Rated, Danish Engineering Consultancy (, established in 1981, then purchased a 50% holding of Solar 350 in early 2013 and Douglas Marett, Partner of Grue & Hornstrup and Head of Energy and Environment became a Non-Executive Director.

Subsequent to this, Nicholas has been joined by:

Justin Passfield; CFO (and previously Ex MD Maypole Energy, Group CFO AMN AMRO, CFO Alliance Bernstein & Director of Barclays Private Wealth),

Bill Goldie; Head of Project Development (and previously Head of Project Development Carbon 350 Ltd, MD Stadium Plc, MD Anglo China Strategies) and,

Axel Schmid: Head of Project Origination (and previously Commercial Director of LTi Re-Energy AG, Managing Director of Solset Renewables, Chile S.A and Ex Siemens AG).

Luis Novella; Chairman of Solar 350 Ltd (KPMG, Accenture, Areva, numerous US based tech start-ups). Luis is a Chartered Director, FIOD and Chairman of The Institute of Directors in France.

Business Development:

Solar 350 was formed based on the belief that Solar Power was to be the leading technology in the de-carbonisation revolution. The next stage of development was to decide on country focus and which sector of the solar project development value chain the company would focus on.

This was a process of investigation and analysis. However, each step led to gains in knowledge, understanding, and of each participants role in the deployment of solar power globally, including:  the United Nations, World Bank, Development Banks, Engineering Procurement Contractors (EPC’s), Panel Manufacturers, Developers, Infrastructure Funds, Asset Managers and individual countries support policies around the world.

The Paris Agreement provides the stable policy support mechanisms required to incentivise $46 Trillion of renewable energy construction between now and 2050. Please see: In summary, our analysis shows that the Paris Agreement will increase the number of utility scale solar sites being constructed from 1429 per year (2015) to 7143 per year*, on average each year every year to 2050.

*Please note, this assumes that 50% of future solar capacity comes from utility scale (+20MW) farms, the average size of a utility scale solar farm is 35 MW, and renewable energy investment is deployed across the technologies in similar proportion to today. We believe these are reasonable assumptions.

Solar 350’s stakeholders have been involved in over 230 environmental projects since 1999, roughly 200 from G+H and 30 from 350, and thus the starting point was a very high level of competence with tacit knowledge of the development and accreditation processes, construction, project finance and refinance. However,  policy support mechanisms have been flux as protectionist domestic policies took over from The Kyoto Protocol. Of late, policy has swung strongly in favour of international co-operation, culminating in the The Paris Agreement which was agreed in Paris on December 15th 2015, and signed by 177 countries on Earth Day; 22 April 2016. This link details the countries that have signed the agreement so far:


Solar 350’s Focus:

While, Solar 350 has ambitions to develop its business downstream though the Solar Value Chain, our initial focus is the development and accreditation of early stage solar projects, effectively taking Greenfield Sites to the point of Ready to Build and then exiting.

The chart below demonstrates the return characteristics for each major stage in the solar power value chain and the volume of funds that can be deployed from upstream activities such as pre-construction development and accreditation through to downstream activities such as refinance.

The ROI curve is typical, whereby small amounts of capital deployed at the front of the curve yield excellent returns, but the amount of capital that can be deployed is limited and risks are higher.

Solar 350’s Share Price Genesis: Actual and Forecast:

The chart below details the progress of the share price of Solar 350 A Shares (the only class of shares) since this time.

Please note, the chart is based on completed sales and where there were no sales in that month previous monthly prices are carried over. The share price pre June 2016 which generated those sales was based on company forecasts which generated a highly discounted Net Present Value (NPV) valuation divided by shares in issuance at that time. From July 2016; the date of this website’s creation, forecasts are again used to generate a NPV valuation. However, the discount rate is of 6% per month (circa 101.22% annually) but is reduced on a monthly basis as Solar 350’s projects are monetised.

In the event that capital is needed by the company for investment into project development, new shares are issued. The number of new shares issued = investment required / share price in that month, adjusted for dilution as a result of the new shares. The proportion of ownership across Stakeholders, Family and Friends, High Net Worth’s and Sophisticated/Professional Investors is 62.14%, 6.56%, 13.53% and 17.77% respectively as of 16th June.

Please note: Share price forecasts, information memorandum and latest updates available upon request based on validation of status as existing Solar 350 investor.

Solar 350 Ltd: Solar 350 Forecasts – Success Fees at Milestone & Bonus Payments 2016 08 19

  1. Please note: bids are generated from offer price less 30%, representing the discount benefit of EIS income tax relief. Exit Through Match Bargain Basis via Company Repurchase, subject to current trading conditions and company cash requirements.
  2. This is subject to funding the development of the sites we have prepared and selling them at price detailed on Letter of Intent from buyers within forecasts timescale.

Please contact Nicholas Dimmock, Managing Director of Solar 350 Ltd on 0203 151 1350 or if you would like any further information including the latest developments.


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