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Solar 350 Ltd is a developer and accreditor of Utility Scale Solar Projects. Solar 350 identifies suitable sites and along with our partners then develops the sites via the development cycle from initial identification, feasibility studies, and indicative study, through to construction permit, power purchase agreement and registration of the Project with The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Solar 350 role also extends to aggregating offers of services, such as EPC and finance, such as debt, equity and the search for a final buyer once the project reaches its Commercialisation Operation Date. Solar 350 role often continues as Executive Developer during the Construction Phase, partly due to its tacit underlying knowledge of the project, the subsidisation mechanisms, the stakeholders that have worked together to develop the project and not least due to Solar 350 legacy shareholding in the project and thus its interest in attaining the most successful outcome for itself and its investors.

Founded in 2014, by the team at “350” and Grue og Hornstrup A/s (, Solar 350 initially conducted a worldwide study of most preferential locations of solar site development based a number of factors including: Solar Irradiation, Country Risk, Electricity Prices and forecast future prices, existing incentives / subsidies and future anticipated incentives subsidies, the availability of debt and equity, the ease working within that country including the effectiveness of the countries legal system as well as the country’s emission reduction ambitions and potential economic growth, thus providing a proxy for potential market size for renewables, the suitability of the different technologies and thus, the likely market size for Solar deployment in that country. The report thus provided a road-map for future development of solar sites around the world which we are now following.

While many of the pioneers of the environmental movement under the Kyoto Protocol have either been taken over or dissolved, 350 and G+H both profited from and then endured the demise of the treaty. It is however, our international connections to other environmental companies and contacts that have survived. It is this shared history, in good times and bad, and the trust that has evolved that makes these connections the surviving and most valuable assets of the Kyoto Protocol. It is these connections that provide us with our tacit market knowledge and facilitate our deployment to new solar locations around the world when applicable. As countries complete to attract energy development in order to both increase their energy generating capacity, increasing their economic well being, and to reduce their emissions under the emission reduction schedule they have provided under The Paris Agreement, we believe increasingly they will turn to Solar 350.

“Nations Approve Landmark Climate Accord in Paris” “With the sudden bang of a gavel Saturday night, representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord that will, for the first time, commit nearly every country to lowering plan¬et-warming greenhouse gas emissions to help stave off the most drastic effects of climate change.”

The New York Times

Our Projects

As of 2015, “350” companies have been involved in over 40 Environmental Projects including the 1500 MW Coca Coda Sinclair Hydroelectric Project in Ecuador. Grue og Hornstrup A/s, Solar 350’s main shareholders, and a leading Danish Environmental Consultancy and Engineering Group have been involved in over 3000 environmental projects since 1999. 350 and G+H count companies such as Gazprom, Deutche Bank, Conoco and Castlepines Infrastructure and countries such as Ecuador, Romania and Fiji as clients. The projects generally fall into three categories: Carbon Abatement (reducing emissions), Renewable Energy (producing energy through low carbon intensity technology and naturally occurring energy sources leading to emission reductions versus the incumbent fossil fuel process) and energy efficiency projects (lowering carbon emissions through greater efficiency in either energy production or usage). While G+H have been involved in a number of Solar projects, most projects develop along similar stages and timelines. It is this wealth of experience of project development and accreditation that 350 and G+H bring to Solar 350.

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